A Few Ways to Fit More Vegetables Into Your Day

Make them easy and quick to grab for snacks.
Wash and cut larger vegetables into ready-to-go, bite-size pieces. Store in your refrigerator in an airtight container.

Make vegetables the focal part of your meal.
Rather than building your meal around meat or other protein foods, start with generous servings of leafy green and cruciferous vegetables. Fill at least half of your plate, and remember, potatoes don’t count!

Experiment with new recipes for raw vegetable salads and stir-fry.
Use your imagination and try new combinations or look up recipes online. Mashed ripe avocado makes a tasty and healthy dip for cut up raw vegetables or an alternative spread for sandwiches.  Seabreeze has many recipes ready for you to try… got a good recipe you’d like to share?  Please email us with ingredients, instructions and pictures if you can!

Make it a goal to try at least one new vegetable a week, and find creative ways to add it into your regular diet.
With your Seabreeze delivery, you’ll receive local, fresh, seasonal produce each week.

Make juice!
A simple and popular way to pack multiple servings of raw vegetables into your day is to juice.

Want to share your creative ideas on how you and your family incorporate vegetables into your day?