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5 Stars

The quality of the produce from Seabreeze Organic Farm is ridiculous!  Forget Whole Foods, Forget the farmers market…you want Freshness and Flavor back in your fruits & veggies, order from these folks.  You will not be disappointed.  And what’s more, they deliver right to your door!!!


Thank you for providing the best…

M.W. San Diego 12/19/2016

Thank you!

Seriously we are LOVING our CSA box each week. Last night we ate the most delicious fish tacos made with a raddish and cabbage slaw. We are devouring your lovely food. Coffee smells so good words can’t even describe.

C. H. Carlsbad, CA November 14, 2016

Feedback on this week’s delivery

Hello Stephenie and crew,

Great bag this week.  One of the biggest and best ever received!


G.S. San Diego, CA September 29, 2016

Last week’s bag was fantastic!

It had a great variety.  September 5, 2016 Time to Prune

Hello Everyone,

For our family;  Please no squash or egg-plant this time.  We are squashed out.  Would really love peppers and tomatoes instead.  Also for future reference we like squash, but on average we would like to get  less squash and  like to get  more peas, broccoli , beans, misc. instead.


G&N, San Diego 9/12/2016

Lemon cucumbers, what a treat!

I LOVE lemon cucumbers!!! I wasn’t able to plant any this year so thank you soooooo much for including them this week. As long as you got’em, I’ll take’em!


P.H., Del Mar, CA



Thank you…

Kleeberger Thank you

Lovely delivery and sweet pea flowers!

We had a lovely delivery today, and the sweet pea flowers were such a great surprise


D.H.  April 13, 2016 Solana Beach


A Nice Note From Jessica – Thanks For Your Help, Jessica!

Hi Stephenie!
It was a beautiful day this morning at your gardens! I worked on weeding just around 3 rows (I started from the 2nd row of towers).
Hope that you have a nice Easter weekend …  Here is a picture of my kids with the rainbow chard that I picked.

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Would you like to come out for an hour or so and help out at the Farm?  Send us a note:

What Does a Seabreeze Member Have to Say About Cherimoya?

I finally had cherimoya yesterday morning. What a tasty creamy “pina colada” flavor! Tasted like strawberry banana pineapple! Yummy! Thank you!

And thank you for the duck eggs!

Everything is wonderful!

R. C. San Diego, March 25, 2016

Start Your Deliveries

Flower salad with heirloom tomatoes and claytonia on spinach bed

Jobie Townhshend-Zellner made some beautiful salads with her Seabreeze ingredients this week:

IMG_1651 IMG_1650


When you sign up for deliveries in March, we’ll add 1 dozen farm fresh eggs to your first delivery!