Hungry Heroes

San Diego County is one of the largest military regions in the United States with more than 14 military installations in the County. Today there are nearly three quarters of a million children under the age of five years in military families, the most since World War II.

A recent study by Feeding America has shown that 25 percent of these families experience food insecurity and rely on food banks and charitable organizations to help when their paychecks are stretched to provide basic food needs…Read more

Military Lady

Seabreeze Family Farm works with an “Angel’ courier who picks up and distributes our donated shares to local military families.

You can help our outreach program by purchasing a weekly or every other week ‘share’ from Seabreeze, and we’ll add to the deliveries picked up and distributed to the families. They will receive the same high quality and nutritious fruits and vegetables that all of our clients receive.

Help us do more for these deserving members of our military. They are doing their part for our country.

Let’s help them to thrive and have good health through good nutrition.

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