Seabreeze Tours

After many years of projects and improvements to the farm, Seabreeze Organic Farm is pleased to announce “We’re Open” to events, classes, tours and weddings.

Due to liability issues, roaming bands of ducks and chickens, and that we are a working farm, we are not open to the public unless it’s scheduled.


CSA shareholders are always invited to visit, with an appointment, to walk around, relax, see what’s new, see what’s planted and just stay connected with their source of food.

We have many ideas in planning. If you are interested in a private function, call or email and we’ll set it up for you. Just about all classes are appropriate for all ages. Although scheduled, we will need to be flexible in changing dates for large events like weddings.

All events will be announced on our web site, through our San Diego Seabreeze Organic Farm Meet-up groups and social media. Reservations and payments will be available through our Green Store on our website.

Additional activities and events will be announced as the year progresses.