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Thanks for the nice note…

My boys look forward to seeing Doug with the “farm bag” every week! Thanks for sorting out the payment cancellation. I’ve been a part of CSA’s in Virginia, Hawaii & California and Stephenie’s farm will be hard to beat!

S.L. San Diego

Merry Christmas, and thank you so much for all that you do to keep us all happy and healthy!!

From some favorite stakeholders

Beautiful arrangements one member made with her Seabreeze flowers

Diversity is key…

I was with another local CSA farm for a very long time and decided to leave because I just couldn’t stand one more box with kale, arugula, spring mix (with arugula), chard, etc. (aka dark leafy greens).  I know these are very trendy now, and maybe this is not gastronomically correct, but I’m literally sick to death of them and I absolutely loathe arugula.  When I realized I was giving away or composting more than I was actually using, I decided it was time for a change.  I love that Seabreeze has beans (green, purple, etc.), peppers, potatoes, onions.  I hardly ever received these types of things from the other local CSA farm and they are absolute staples in my kitchen, so I’d always wind up going shopping anyway.

The produce has been wonderful. I’ve really enjoyed being able to pick my own produce and I like the variety you provide.  I like that you will deliver to my house.

A.N. San Diego

Our Wednesday Delivery…

Once again we received a beautiful bag full of nutrients and filled with love delivered by the young man that is ever so sweet. I just wanted to say each time we get a bag I can’t stop the kids from digging in and taking a bite out of the first thing their hands touch!! They get so happy and excited! The acorn squash and butternut squash came out of the bag and recieved a big “WOW!!! Momma when are you gonna cook that?!!”

Thank you again Seabreeze. Y’all are truly the best!










T.C. Carlsbad 9/28/2017

Loved the sorrel last week!

Made the rice portion of this recipe with the sorrel and it was a big hit!

May 26, 2017 R.M.

I thought you might like this photo of our girl picking flowers at your place for Mother’s Day. Note the synergy of “Organic” and the emblem on her hat. Her brother was a UCSC Slug for a while. It fits the organic concept, right?

Thanks for your good work!

My deliveries are always great Donna, thank you. Jim is terrific and I always appreciate the wonders in my bag.  I really feel a part of Seabreeze.

D.R. May 15, 2017

Thank you – flowers today are absolutely beautiful!

Sylvia Lampitt flowers 2017 May

S.L. May 3, 2017


I just watched  a segment on the news about “cage free” eggs. I have known the horrors of the so-called “cage free” farms. The end of the segment mentioned that San Diego has chicken farms and so I went online and found your website. I read about your eggs and chickens, and I felt such happiness in my heart that I  actually started to cry. Thank you for the care you give your chickens and allowing them to live their full lives out. I  I am vegan, but my family is not, so I do still buy eggs for them.  From now on I will now only buy my eggs from you.  I again thank you from the bottom of my heart.
With respect and gratitude,

M.D. San Diego 2/25/2017