Comments from our members

We genuinely enjoy all the comments we get from our members.

Whether it’s a heartfelt thank you for the perfectly luscious peach or to let us know how they prepared the ‘mystery’ ingredient they found in their latest delivery, we read and absorb them all.

Our members are what keep us growing.  When the community supports it’s farm, the farm can help support the community.




Hi Seabreeze,

After a handful of deliveries, I’m still enjoying all your lovely foods and look forward to delivery days. I receive the Juicing portion every other week and it has been just the right amount of food for myself. The variety is so welcoming, from leafy greens to fruits and veggies. It’s perfect for making shakes, salads, broths and everything in between! 
I’ve been challenged with a few leafy greens, fearing that I wouldn’t know how to prepare them, but I have been keeping it simple per your packet instructions and usually end up sautéing my food with some balsalmic vinegar or making a soup. The food is so delicious, that it doesn’t need an elaborate plan to make a tasty meal or snack.  Some of the foods that I thought I wouldn’t like and was nervous about were arrugula, fennel and grapefruit … but it was love at first taste! I think it has to do with all the love you put into growing your foods, it’s the best ingredient ever! 

The balance of leafy greens, veggies and fruits has also made my body and mind feel happier. It really seems to help regulate my lunar cycle and moods, which in turn makes me more active and helpful to those around me 😉

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work and dedication!

– G. San Diego 3/9/2015

Hi Seabreeze, Thank you so much for my first delivery, I was so excited to see what goodies I had received! Everything smells amazing and tastes wonderful! I especially appreciate the little packet I received with information about the farm and how to store/cook my food.

I enjoyed my first farm meal last night and it was deeply satisfying. It brought back wonderful memories of growing my own food a few years ago and I truly felt like it was picked from my own backyard 😉

Again, thank you so much, I’m so grateful for your hard work. I will be looking forward to each and every delivery!

G. R. San Diego 1/30/2015

I love it!  I have been cooking new things and recently started juicing.  Your produce is wonderful and it’s amazing how close you are to our apartment!  I will go online and change to the Large, because i jave been eating/drinking it all up in a few days!

S.T. San Diego 1/24/2015

Roses and petals

Cecille Brunner Roses

 ​…There is nothing more I want than people knowing we have an amazing source of local medicinal flowers grown with such love…it makes me want to cry….When I hear of all the herbalists around me getting dried rose petals from Egypt and such I just tell them….we have a LOCAL treasure in Seabreeze …your flowers do not have to come from exotic places….it breaks my heart at times to see this mentality so prevalent!
I think I have gone to Heaven!

Tizi B. 4/13/2015