Seabreeze Family Farm Client Agreement (updated March 31, 2020)

Thank you for becoming a client of Seabreeze Family Farm.

Here at Seabreeze, we have been dedicated since 1988 to growing and providing vegetables, fruits, eggs, herbs, flowers and more to fellow San Diegans.  In addition, our personal food network of responsible growers and outlets provides valuable sources to insure our clients receive value, nutrition and diversity in their orders.

We hope you will enjoy and benefit from our efforts.

Each client payment is considered a new commitment to receive the quantity of deliveries for which they have paid.   Our clients may commit to as few as 4 deliveries or as many as 52 deliveries at a time.  Payment schedules are flexible and can be updated anytime.  Whenever the balance on your account drops below $100.00, your recurring method of payment will be charged.

Funds received are immediately put to good use in purchasing supplies and paying for labor and utilities, so if you need to cease your deliveries, please be sure to notify us, email at info@seabreezed preferred, before your automatic recurring payment is initiated.  We cannot give refunds.

While we encourage all clients who can’t use a scheduled delivery to donate to a military family or to arrange for a friend or family member to receive it, in order to accommodate vacation times, each family is allowed to skip 1 delivery for every 26, or 2 deliveries each year for weekly delivery schedules.  Please give us 2 weeks notice for changes to your delivery schedule.

Other notes of importance:

We realize people have a variety of cooking and eating customs. The types of fruits and vegetables we grow are selected by our growing region, seasonality, diversity, nutritional value and popularity. Some weeks you might love everything and some weeks you might be challenged. If you want substitutions, we will accommodate you to the best of our ability. However, this takes extra time and attention and a handling fee of $5 per delivery will be charged for accommodation of specific preferences.

That’s just about the gist of it.  Our goal is to provide our families with value, nutrition and diversity.  We thank our community for their support of the family farm.

Updated March 31, 2020