December 21, 2015 Health and Merriness to All!

I celebrate everyone’s religious holidays.  If it’s good enough for the righteous, it’s good enough for the self-righteous, I always say.
-Bette Midler
Dear Friends,
     Did anyone see the segment last night on PBS showing the robots that can cook?  It’s an amazing and fast paced changing tech world we in and I’m sure we all struggle at least a little to keep up.  Now I know I’m ‘old-fashioned’ in many ways, including the heart felt belief that food from healthy, loved, chemical free soil is the path to health and feeling good.  And hand in hand to that is the sensuous and satisfying by product of creatively producing your own dishes.  What do you think?
     We’re proud of our beautiful crop of Napa cabbage in your delivery this week.  It was the second time we had to plant as a heat wave killed the first crop.  It’ somewhat like green cabbage and has slightly more protein and fewer calories with a mild flavor.  It’s good in salad, braised and in soups.  You can even make kimchi with it.  Try a salad with carrots, apples, pears, dates, creamy poppy seed dressing (seeds from last delivery), bell peppers..mix it up.  Be creative.  You’ll be a genius!
     As long as the oven in on, here’s a delicious recipe for roasted butternut squash.
     Some of you will be receiving an item you may be unfamiliar with as it’s not really grown commercially…pineapple guavas.  Smallish, oval, green fruit that is packed with vitamins (especially C) and is ready to eat when slightly soft.  Enjoy!
We’re back to the holiday schedule..Thursday deliveries will be on Tuesday and Wednesday remains the same.  Also, please consider Seabreeze delivery to your friends or family as a gift.  A delivery of fresh, local Seabreeze wholesome food is fun to receive.  We have a page on Overstock that makes ordering easy and has several selections.
As we’re heading into our holiday season and some of you will be traveling, please remember the farm continues on with it’s cycles of planting and harvesting.  Your continued support of our production is valued and we’ll be here when you come back.  Our local military families benefit from your delivery donations and it helps with securing the farm.
So enjoy your items in good health and happy cooking.
*Please note that some substitutions may apply from time to time.
Large Medium Juicing Petite Fruit Only
Navel oranges Navel oranges Gala apples Sprouts Navel oranges
Gala apples Gala apples Pineapple guava Napa cabbage Gala apples
D’Anjou pears Garnet yams Navel oranges Mini bouquet Apples
Garnet yams Butternut squash D’Anjou pears Lettuce Pineapple guava
Butternut squash Sprouts Carrots Scallions D’Anjou pears
Sprouts Napa cabbage Banana Carrots Ataulfo mango
Napa cabbage Lettuce Sprouts Arugula Banana
Lettuce Flowers Napa cabbage Garnet yams Grapefruit
Flowers Avocado Lettuce Red/yellow/or orange bell peppers Avocado
Avocado Scallions Kale Salad Mix with Edible Flowers
Scallions Carrots Ginger
Carrots Arugula Ataulfo mango
Arugula Salad Mix with Edible Flowers Salad Mix with Edible Flowers
Salad Mix with Edible Flowers Red/yellow/or orange bell peppers
Red/yellow/or orange bell peppers
0.3 # Dates
Remember, for every new member you refer, you’ll both receive a $10.00 Green Store credit and for every online order over $50, we will give a $5.00 Green Store credit.
Thank you so much to all of you loyal supporters.  We sincerely hope we have helped your health and well-being with our food and brightened your day with flowers.