December 7, 2015 Slow Cooking

I saw all the people hustling early in the morning to go into the factories and the stores and the office buildings, to do their job, to get their checks. But ultimately, it’s not office buildings or jobs that give us our checks. It’s the soil. The soil is what gives us the real income that supports us all. ~Ed Begley, Jr.

Dear Friends,
     Everyone is so busy this time of year.  Days are shorter, lists of things to do are longer.  Crops are growing slower too but the good earth, free of chemicals and petroleum products, continues with it’s own microcosms of life producing oxygen and nutrients that give us health and well-being.  So if you can, slow down a little and enjoy some creative time in the kitchen.  Believe it or not, simple food preparation can bring you enjoyment and relaxation.
We love a good French onion soup this time of year. So if you have one, pull out your slow cooker and try this wonderful recipe with the big yummy yellow onions in your delivery this week.
I like adding a half cup or so of barley to give it a heartier soup with a little more protein.
As we’re heading into our holiday season and some of you will be traveling, please remember the farm continues on with it’s cycles of planting and harvesting.  Your continued support of our production is valued and we’ll be here when you come back.  Our local military families benefit from your delivery donations and it helps with securing the farm.
So enjoy your items in good health and happy cooking.
*Please note that some substitutions may apply from time to time.
Large Medium Juicing Petite Fruit Only
Cameo apples Jumbo yellow onions Navel oranges Navel oranges Navel oranges
Jumbo yellow onions Navel oranges Lemons Sprouts Cameo apples
Jewel yams Lemons D’Anjou pears Mini bouquet or Artemisia D’Anjou pears
Navel oranges D’Anjou pears Cameo apples Lettuce Lemons
Lemons Cameo apples Banana Lemons Banana
D’Anjou pears Jewel yams Sprouts Baby celery or Genovese basil Clementine Mandarins
Tomatoes Sprouts Tomatoes Mizuna or red mustard Tomatoes
Sprouts Tomatoes Clementine Mandarins French Breakfast radishes
Green bell peppers Green bell peppers Ginger Tomatoes
Clementine Mandarins Lettuce Baby celery or Genovese basil Salad Mix with Edible Flowers
Lettuce Flowers Mizuna or red mustard
Flowers Baby celery or Genovese basil Tomatoes
Baby celery or Genovese basil Mizuna or red mustard Salad Mix with Edible Flowers
Mizuna or red mustard French Breakfast radishes
French Breakfast radishes Clementine Mandarins
Salad Mix with Edible Flowers Salad Mix with Edible Flowers
Remember, for every new member you refer, you’ll both receive a $10.00 Green Store credit and for every online order over $50, we will give a $5.00 Green Store credit.
Thank you so much to all of you loyal supporters.  We sincerely hope we have helped your health and well-being with our food and brightened your day with flowers.