Did you know?

Nearly 1/2 of all foodborne illness is due to contaminated produce.

Do you know how your produce is grown?  What it is treated with?

According to an article by Dr. Mercola, “While the industrialization of agriculture has lowered production costs, and to some extent made processed foods less expensive, the system has completely failed to secure food for all, which was and continues to be its stated mission.”  “…the system is harmful to the environment, to animals (both wild and captive), to farmers, the soil, and ultimately, it’s harmful to consumers.”

The best solution is to practice sustainable agriculture.  “Sustainable agriculture balances the need to produce food to be economically viable and efficient with a need to take care of the land, and support rural communities and society as a whole. Most importantly, it supports good health.”

At Seabreeze Organic Farm, we use sustainable growing practices, responsible and loving animal care and the only thing you’ll find on our produce is good clean water.

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