Diversity is key…

I was with another local CSA farm for a very long time and decided to leave because I just couldn’t stand one more box with kale, arugula, spring mix (with arugula), chard, etc. (aka dark leafy greens).  I know these are very trendy now, and maybe this is not gastronomically correct, but I’m literally sick to death of them and I absolutely loathe arugula.  When I realized I was giving away or composting more than I was actually using, I decided it was time for a change.  I love that Seabreeze has beans (green, purple, etc.), peppers, potatoes, onions.  I hardly ever received these types of things from the other local CSA farm and they are absolute staples in my kitchen, so I’d always wind up going shopping anyway.

The produce has been wonderful. I’ve really enjoyed being able to pick my own produce and I like the variety you provide.  I like that you will deliver to my house.

A.N. San Diego