Please refer to our CALENDAR for Schedule A and Schedule B dates.

For weekly  and every other week deliveries:

  • Sign up by Sunday midnight for Wednesday deliveries
  • Sign up by Monday midnight for Thursday deliveries

How do I change my Seabreeze subscription?

Once logged in to your account, click “Change Subscription” then “Add” the new schedule and delivery size you’d like to receive.  This will enable you to click the ‘x’ next to your current subscription.  If you have any problems with this procedure, please email us at info@seabreezed.com right away.

What can I expect in my delivery each week?

Please refer to our Home page where you can find seasonal sample ingredient lists for each different size or our  delivery items for this week page.

Do you deliver prepared meals?

Well, not quite, but close to it. There are many fresh items and grocery items in the Green Store that make possible quick, easy and nutritious meals.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Delivery charges included in the weekly delivery cost.

I am a weekly subscriber and want to add items from the Green Store. Do I have to pay an additional delivery fee?

No. Your items will be delivered with your next scheduled delivery with no additional delivery charge.

Do I have to be home when the delivery arrives?

No, the driver will leave the delivery at your front door. If you have special instructions for where to place the delivery, please indicate when signing up in the comments box.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept electronic checks deducted directly from your bank account, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express credit cards, as well as PayPal.

Do you deliver to my neighborhood?

Please check our list of current delivery areas for a list of zip codes and communities. If your neighborhood is not listed, we may consider adding a delivery location if at least 10 families or individuals agree to sign up in that community.

If I’m not home for the delivery how does my delivery stay fresh?

Many of our stakeholders are not home during the day. We pick and pack everything fresh and deliver as soon as we can. Tell us in the comments section when you sign-up where is the best place for your delivery if you are concerned about sun or heat. We recommend a large cooler to avoid damage in the hot months.

What if I take a vacation and won’t be home to receive a delivery?

We ask for you to arrange to have a friend or neighbor pick-up your delivery or arrange delivery to another location (within our delivery areas). If you request an alternate delivery site, there will be a $10.00 fee to cover additional expenses. Another very good alternative is to let us know you’ll donate it to one of our deserving and grateful local military families. You’ll receive a thank you note from them.

Our farm depends on the reliability of economic support from our clients to maintain the farm’s costs.

Why are your eggs so expensive?

Because we have a very small flock and do not force our hens to lay. They are allowed to live out their years. We have one rooster 14 years old! They are free range, happy chickens with plenty of space and access to our gardens. They eat healthy and you will taste the difference in the quality of the eggs they lay.

Do I need to refrigerate the eggs I receive from the farm?

The eggs are fresh and I’ve kept mine on my counter for days at a time and they are fine. Real eggs have a natural vapor barrier on them to minimize evaporation so a few hours without refrigeration should be fine if it’s not too hot. To be on the safe side, I’d recommend refrigeration.

I am a new customer and I just signed up. How will future billings work?

We operate on a pre-paid, recurring payment schedule. Your chosen payment method and frequency will be automatically charged each time your balance on account reaches our $100.00 minimum. Pre-payment allows us to plan and plant more efficiently.

Do you allow volunteers to help at the farm?

We haven’t a schedule for volunteering. The reason is we are required by California Law to treat volunteers (and even more regulations for interns) almost like employees. Sign in, sign out, training on safety rules, schedule and document breaks and lunch time, and most grievous is we would be forced to determine a ghost salary per hour and then pay Workman’s Compensation Insurance on the total hours on the property.

The work here requires skill, training and experience and that means someone would have to stop their work for training. So although I appreciate the many people that request volunteering and wanting to visit and do understand the need to train people in the fundamentals of growing clean and healthy food, my hands are tied as our resources are so limited.

Even having visitors on the land has been curtailed as our farm liability insurance has more than doubled in the last year (we’ve never had a single injury or claim). Running a business in California with all the regulations and taxes is very challenging to say the least.

So, I do hope you understand our seemingly lack of hospitality. I only wish we could be the welcoming and inclusive farm we used to be.