Higher Antioxidants in Organic Fruit and Vegetables…

How going organic CAN boost our health: Milk and meat found to have higher levels of nutrients that aid the heart, brain and immune system

  • Organic milk and meat contain higher levels of nutrients, research shows 
  • Findings challenge the views of sceptics, including Government agency 
  • ‘Clear differences’ between eating organic and conventional milk and meat
  • Team found organic fruit and vegetables has higher levels of antioxidants

Paying for organic food delivers real health benefits, a landmark study by British academics suggests.

Organic milk and meat contain higher levels of key nutrients that support the heart, brain and immune system, scientists found.  Two years ago, the same team found organic fruit and vegetables contain higher levels of cancer fighting antioxidants than conventional fresh produce.

The researchers also highlighted recent mother and child studies linking consumption of organic milk, other dairy products and vegetables to a reduced risk of certain conditions, such as eczema in babies.

‘…the fact that there are now several mother and child cohort studies linking organic food consumption to positive health impacts shows why it is important to further investigate the impact of the way we produce our food on human health.’

‘We can now say for certain that organic farming makes organic food different.’

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