How ‘greened’ are you?

September 30, 2019
Volume 1,649
Like the ocean, land plants hold about three times as much carbon as the atmosphere. While oceans take many centuries to exchange this mass with the air, flora take only a few years.
Gregory Benford
Dear Friends,
There’s been a lot of media attention this last week or so on the health of the planet, it’s demise and who/what is responsible. Not one word however that I saw on the foundation of human life and health – food. Food for people, food for animals. I’d like to see conversations on from where does it come, who and how is it initially produced, what effects on our planet, is it’s production sustainable? The US produces thousands of square miles of corn that is processed into new forms of ‘food’ and also goes into our gasoline tanks. Is anyone talking about the amount of petroleum products that are used to produce this corn? How much carbon sequestration does a non-chemical food farm process? I’m not being sanctimonious, but I do sleep well at night knowing our plants and soil are busy sequestering. And so should you, our shareholders., sleep well. We’re doing our part.
Some of you this week will be receiving what looks like little green tomatoes – but they’re not! Tomatillos is a Spanish word meaning ‘little tomato’ and they’re somewhat related botanically, but used very differently. Some people like them raw however I find them a little too acidic and prefer them in a cooked salsa. Nevertheless, they’re somewhat of a novelty and the little crop has been harvested, so go ahead and give them a try. As always, appreciate your feedback.
We know many of our subscribers are enthusiastic about getting freshly harvested food from Seabreeze Family Farm. It would be helpful if you could take a photo of a plate you prepared with your farm share and post it on our Facebook page and on Next Door so your friends and neighbors could also benefit from your neighborhood’s locally grown food.
We look forward to seeing how you transform your Seabreeze ingredients.
If you would like to help support the farm and our work,
please consider signing up for our Hungry Heroes program that donates to appreciative San Diego military families or through Produce for Patriots, the non-profit founded by one of our clients, Rob M.
You’ll receive a personal Thank You note from the family that receives.
It’s a good thing all ’round.
Here’s to good food, friends, families and helping others.
Call or email me if you have any questions or need cooking tips.
May our food this week nourish, comfort and sustain you.
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Ingredients to be included in the October 2nd and 3rd deliveries and farm pick-ups are listed below.
Please keep in mind that last minute substitutions are sometimes necessary.