Ingredients for November 24th and 25th, 2020 (Tuesday and Wednesday this week)

November 20, 2020
Volume 1,701

For the week of Thanksgiving

Thursday deliveries will be made on Tuesday, November 24th

Wednesday deliveries will be made as usual

The ingredients below will be included in our
November 24th and 25th deliveries and farm pick-ups.
Please keep in mind that last-minute substitutions are sometimes necessary.
Farm Pick-up orders: Please pick up between 1 and 6 pm on Wednesday
All orders over $30 will receive a free bouquet of flowers!
Our goal for our members is diversity of items, nutrition, value and convenience.
We’ve a great Seabreeze team
working together to make that possible.
Farm Pick-up orders will be on the table next to the cooler. Your flowers will be in buckets near your items for you to choose. This minimizes touching other bags looking for yours.
Please pick up between 1 and 6 pm on Wednesday and if you can’t make it until Thursday, that’s ok, just please drop me a note so we’ll know you’re coming. If you don’t pick up your order, it means we have to go back at night to be sure they are put back into the cooler. Translation: more work and detail after a long day.
To maintain social distancing, only those with prior clearance may visit the farm.
Thanks for understanding.
You may come to pick up until 6 pm.
Any product not picked up on Wednesday without prior notification will be charged a $7.50 handling fee.
A couple more things:
If you would like to help support the Farm and our work, please consider signing up for our Hungry Heroes program that donates to appreciative San Diego military families.
You’ll receive a personal Thank You note from the family that receives.
It’s a good thing all ’round.
Here’s to good food, friends, families and helping others.
Call or email me if you have any questions or need cooking tips.
May your fresh flowers, fruits and veggies for the week bring you sustenance and satisfaction.
Wishing you health and safety,