Is Your Diet Making You Sick?

From August 3, 2016

…One of the reasons why so many diseases are skyrocketing in prevalence is because we don’t eat enough real food. Most Americans eat a predominantly processed food diet, which virtually guarantees you’ll suffer health problems at some point.

Two of the primary culprits are sugar and trans fat. This includes all kinds of sugar but in particular refined sugar and processed fructose (HFCS) followed closely by refined grains, as these ingredients cause your insulin level to spike.

Insulin allows your cells to use sugar, but when you eat too much sugar your cells eventually become resistant to the insulin. You’re insulin resistant if your fasting insulin level is over 3 or 4, and insulin resistance can in turn lead to diabetes and a long list of related health problems and diseases.

When you’re insulin resistant, your body will also store rather than burn fat. As a result, it becomes exceedingly difficult for your body to use stored body fat for energy; hence, weight gain is typically associated with insulin resistance.

The good news is you can turn insulin resistance around fairly quickly and easily by eating real food and swapping out net carbs (total carbohydrates minus fiber) for healthy fats.

By driving down the sugar content of your diet and increasing the healthy fats, your body can begin to shift from burning sugar as its primary fuel to burning fat instead, and this has several health benefits.

Not only will it help you shed body fat, it also helps optimize your mitochondrial function and drives down inflammation, allowing your body to heal and regenerate.

…Making a commitment to live healthier is an ongoing process. It’s virtually impossible to make all the needed changes in one fell swoop. The trick is to have a broad understanding of what “living healthy” entails, and then implement the necessary changes one-by-one.

Dr. Mercola recommends basing your daily foods on this pyramid:


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