Save on spending by keeping your produce fresh longer

Here are a few ways to keep your produce fresh a little longer according to white-goods website

Put a couple of paper towels or kitchen towel on top of your salad leaves and tightly cover with plastic wrap when storing in the fridge.  This prevents moisture from settling on the leaves, helping them to stay crisp and prevent wilting.

You should store garlic and onions in a bamboo steamer, giving them a cool, well ventilated home that protects them from the light.   This will prevent sprouting, which means they’ll be edible for much longer.

Chop green onion (scallions) up into small pieces ready for use and freeze them in an empty water bottle.   When you need them for a stir fry, stew or anything else, shake out what you need and return the rest to the freezer.

asparagus in water

Wrap damp paper towels around the bases of your asparagus or put them upright in a glass with about an inch of water.  This keeps them hydrated and slows down wilting.

Store an apple or two in a ventilated bag with your potatoes and keep them in a cool, dry place because the gases stop the root vegetable from sprouting.

Apples w potatoes

Freeze leftover herbs in ice cube trays to retain their freshness.   Just place the chopped herbs in an ice cube tray, fill with water and place them in the freezer.   When you’re ready to use, just pop as many cubes as you need into your cooking and the water will evaporate, leaving you with fresh herbs every time.

Store fresh, raw, peeled carrots in a plastic bag – with as much oxygen squeezed out as possible – or aluminum foil in the fridge.   If they’re stored like this with limited oxygen, they will last up to two weeks.  The same applies to celery, if you take it out of the plastic bag and wrap it in foil. This will allow the gas to escape and keep it crunchy for much longer.. 

Avoid washing your berries until right before you’re ready to eat them, as moisture encourages mold growth.  And it’s even easier if you use berries mainly for juice or for smoothies. Freeze them to keep them fresh for a later date.

Cut the leafy tops off your pineapple and store it upside down.   This helps redistribute the sugars that sink to the bottom during shipping and keeps it fresh for longer.

Although the fresh produce is usually the first section you come to in the supermarket, make sure it’s the last place you go.  Fragile fruits like berries can start to spoil as soon as you take them from the fridges.

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