September 7th, 2015 Blazing Fields

Unless you take care, the sun will pin you down.  Put a hat on that foolish head of yours when you go out into the fields. – Farmer’s Almanac
Dear Friends,
 I spoke too soon last week of the heat spell being over.  We had a few cooler days last week but looks like our heat and humidity will be up again for the next few days.
The peppers in your delivery this week are all ‘hot’ varieties.  I chopped up a bunch of them with a red onion, cooked until soft and slightly browned and used as a spread in hamburgers.  Took the heat away and left a smokey nice flavor.
The fall and winter crops like kale and broccoli are starting to come in.
Members, we’ve updated our CSA Member Agreement, so please be sure to review our new terms.
*Please note that some substitutions may apply from time to time.   
Regular Medium Juicing Fruit Only Petite
Romaine lettuce Romaine lettuce Romaine lettuce Keitt mangos Romaine lettuce
Red Cabbage Red Cabbage Keitt mangos Bananas Sprouts
Yellow onions Sprouts Sprouts Raspberries Mini Bouquet
Sprouts Raspberries Raspberries Fresh frozen berries Lettuce
Raspberries Mixed hot peppers Purslane Red grapes Kale
Purslane Keitt mangos Kale baby celery
Mixed hot peppers Kale Broccoli Chives
Keitt mangos Flowers baby celery Broccoli
Kale Broccoli Fresh frozen berries Salad Mix with Edible Flowers
Flowers baby celery Red S
Broccoli Chives Salad Mix with Edible Flowers
Baby celery Red S
Chives Grape tomatoes
Red Pears Salad Mix with Edible Flowers
Red S
Grape tomatoes
Salad Mix with Edible Flowers
Remember, for every new member you refer, you’ll both receive a $10.00 Green Store credit and for every online order over $50, we will give a $5.00 Green Store credit.
Thank you so much to all of you loyal supporters.  We sincerely hope we have helped your health and well-being with our food and brightened your day with flowers.