Stakeholder Review February 10, 2020

I joined the Seabreeze Family Farm CSA in February 2020 for three primary reasons:

  1.  I wanted to minimize my possible exposure to the nCoV19 virus while walking among strangers in crowded local retail stores each week
  2.  I wanted to be sure that none of the food I was bringing home had a Chinese origin
  3.  I am caring for my mother, now in hospice, and leaving the house is difficult

After receiving my first Seabreeze delivery, I am certain that I never will return to market shopping. The large-share collection is diverse and easy for me as a plants-only eater to consume completely in seven days. All the produce was fresh, clean, and blemish free. Although I was skeptical, I found local produce to be more flavorful than grocery-chain bought. And for all this, I now am paying a fraction of my former weekly grocery purchase because I am not forced to buy huge family portions of any one garden item.

I am so very appreciative of the effort that the Seabreeze family puts into the CSA. I encourage everyone to abandon any preconceived notions and discover how much safer, healthier, and easier CSA subscription can make a life.

—CC (initials only)

—Rancho Bernardo