Understanding How Your Food Is Grown Is Essential for Optimal Health

Alzheimer’s and Lyme disease are two very different diseases.

What they have in common is that they’re both promoted by human ignorance about the symbiotic relationship between each creature in the food chain, starting with the microbes in the soil, and ending with us. The realities currently facing us clearly demonstrate that we cannot outsmart nature.

We can take shortcuts, and we can come up with a wide variety of unnatural but cheaper shortcuts — such as feeding cows grains, artificial sweeteners (which are also neurotoxic), and animal byproducts rather than grass — and for a while it will seem to work. But eventually, it will fail miserably with unintended and unexpected consequences.

This is precisely why I’m so passionate about regenerative agriculture, as it encompasses and addresses the ecosystem in its entirety. Humans are but one part of a vast ecosystem that works as an undivided whole.

Dr. Mercola

Here at Seabreeze, we are also passionate about how we treat our soil and grow our food.

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