Vote With Your Pocketbook to Support the Production of Real Food

You can assist the process of converting conventional chemical-based agriculture into a system that relies on regenerative practices in a number of ways, but voting with your pocketbook is one of the most potent ways to support farmers who have transitioned, or are transitioning, to sustainable practices.

At present, less than two percent of the US population is engaged in growing sustainable food. So in terms of government policy, they have but a tiny voice. This is particularly true for farmers practicing regenerative agriculture, who make up just one-tenth of one percent of the entire US population.

They need the broader, stronger voice of consumers — not just by purchasing these products, but also by supporting policies from the USDA, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and others that would help further support regenerative agricultural practices. And, of course, by voting against policies that are detrimental to regenerative farmers.

Dr. Mercola