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March 16, 2015 Pesky Weather - Seabreeze Family Farm San Diego

March 16, 2015 Pesky Weather

Oh, what a blamed uncertain thing
This pesky weathers is:
It blew and snew and then it thew,
And now, by jing, it’s friz.
-Philander Johnson
Dear Friends,
What can I say after the last 3 days of record heat in March?  My friends, family and associates have done their best over all these years to coach me into being bubbly and upbeat about ‘farming’ when doing the weekly newsletter and I think that mostly I’m able to do so.  It’s because I love growing vegetables and flowers and the thought of our ‘produced with care’ food going directly into our shareholders homes makes all of us here feel good about what we do.  Here’s the ‘but’..there’s always a myriad of behind the scenes crisis’ that no one else can see or know and we take them in stride.  These heat waves however, are pushing the limits.
First I had to send the men home.  It would have been cruel and inhumane to ask anyone to work bent over in the searing heat. So scheduled work that really needed to be done was abandoned.   And the heat brings out the snakes and other critters in search of moisture (including thousands of moths that hatched overnight with voracious appetites for our sweet greens).  The temperatures also caused lettuces, cooking greens and flowers to ‘bolt’ (go into seed making mode) so they can not be harvested.
I’ll leave off the rest of it.  The important thing is that we still have wonderful products to send this week and it’s with gratitude to our members for understanding local farming is important for all kinds of reasons.
 And the best part of all?  The water is still coming out of the hose!

May you enjoy and utilize all your items for this week.  If you need suggestions for use or recipes on any of your items, feel free to email me and I’ll help.


Please note that some substitutions may apply from time to time.


Large Medium Juicing Fruit Only Petite
Swiss Chard or Red mustard Swiss Chard or Red mustard Strawberries Strawberries Swiss Chard or Red mustard
Sweet Peppers Sweet Peppers Pomelo’s Pomelo’s Sweet Peppers
Strawberries Strawberries Pinata Apples Pinata Apples Strawberries
Sprouts Sprouts Mangos Mangos Salad Mix with Edible Flowers
Salad Mix with Edible Flowers Salad Mix with Edible Flowers Kohlrabi Haas Avocado Pomelo’s
Pomelo’s Pomelo’s Kale Cucumbers Lettuce
Pinata Apples Pinata Apples Ginger Bosc pears Kohlrabi
Mangos Mangos Cucumbers Bananas 1.75#’s Cucumbers
Lettuce Lettuce Bosc pears Baby leeks or green onions
Kohlrabi Kohlrabi Bananas 1.75#’s Baby Heirloom tomatoes
Haas Avocado Haas Avocado Baby Heirloom tomatoes
Cucumbers Cucumbers
Baby leeks or green onions Baby leeks or green onions
Baby Heirloom tomatoes Baby Heirloom tomatoes


Remember, for every new member you refer, you’ll receive a $10.00 Green Store credit.

Thank you so much to all of you loyal supporters.  We sincerely hope we have helped your health and well-being with our food and brightened your day with flowers.


Seabreeze Organic Farm